Frequently asked questions

Universale is an universal contact book! It is public and private at the same time. How? You choose your level of privacy or what data you want to share, and the best, with whom you want to share. You will be public for those people that you choose and you will be private for the rest.

You dont have to keep your contact info, make backups or be afraid of losing the mobile or contacts. Universale does it for you.

Can you imagine asking the data to someone in first person and explaining the reason for the request? Start now!

You can edit your profile and choose which data will be private and which will be public for the community.

Universale quickly and easily recognizes contacts from our native contact book once you download it.

How to add a contact:

  • You can add a contact to Universale in the same way you do in your native contact book. That way you will not need to use the obsolete contact book. With Universale you have your contat book always updated and the Universe in your hands.
  • Find the name, telephone number or any contact information in the "Search" tab of Universale. If it is in Universale add it to your agenda by entering your profile and pressing the add button.
  • If you already have this contact in your native contact book, you will only need to update your native contact book in Universale, once updated you will have this contact.

Solving issues; if you can not see your contacts:

  • Make sure you have given permission to Universale to access the contacts in your contact book in the settings of your phone.
  • In the contact book of your phone, make sure that all accounts and groups are visible.
  • Make sure you have not mistakenly deleted that particular contact info.

To delete a contact, simply enter in the profile of the contact in Universale where we can see the data that we have been granted and then we must press the upper left button "Delete".

No, the management of your contacs is private, no one will see the activity you do neither receive a notify.

Yes, there are links to the functions of call, video, WhatsApp, email ...

No, only you will be able to manage the closure or login in a private way.

No, the system prevents unknown users have access to you private info as public. You choose whom you want to share private data with.

In Universale you are the owner of your data and your privacy.

Do not worry. You can log in from another terminal with your username and password if you have imported your contacs in any other previous session, you will have them available.

It is one of the advantages of Universale, the backups or the synchronizations are deprecated. Your contacts are safe and always available.

It is not necessary.

We recommend that you do so from time to time if you have added new contacts. So you will be sure that you have everything you need in Universale.